Recruitment Practice

MRFieldwork follows robust recruitment practices, whereby respondents are informed in advance about the topic under discussion, its objectives, and all information related thereto. Respondents are also assured about the confidentiality of information that they have provided

Client-specific information sources and data are assigned utmost confidentiality. It is ensured that such data and information sources provided by clients are kept strictly confidential and not misused under any circumstances. We understand that client databases and all information mentioned therein is highly sensitive and private, and hence MRFieldwork has systems in place to keep clients updated on usage of databases thus received.

MRFieldwork has set-up systems in place to store questionnaires in a secure manner. We assign utmost priority to the personal data provided by respondents and is not used for any purpose other than that for which the respondent has given his/her consent. MRFieldwork does not provide recruitment questionnaires, incentives, attendance lists or any such information in absence of respondent consent