We recognize that selection of a moderator is important to organize successful depth interviews and/ or focus group results, owing to which there is a requirement for highly experienced and trained moderators

MRFieldwork aims to serve growing need of clients, where a team of industry-specific skilled moderators can, moderate, probe and facilitate as per the study specifications.

Moderators appointed by MRFieldwork:
  • Are experts in defining the research purpose or objective of the study
  • Are adept at establishing a rapport with the respondents and encouraging them to speak
  • Professional in writing the screening survey, which ultimately leads to selection of suitable respondents
  • Experienced in developing discussion guide, which focus on the questions stemming from research objectives
  • Through careful study and practice, have acquired skills so that they are not only able to get across the perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes of the respondents only – but also through perfectly timed probes–are also able to know the reason behind those specific behaviors. In a nutshell, our moderators manage group dynamics very efficiently, and explore the discussion, while still retaining the flow on track
  • Are capable of turning raw data and responses into actionable insights after thorough analysis.
  • Adherence to research industry standards, guidelines and codes of conduct