Online Focus Group Discussions

In recent times, online focus groups have been used very frequently and have become the choice of researchers. This methodology has made it possible to acquire qualitative information online. The development has been found to be very promising owing to sophistication and speed of new technology, as well as due to participant readiness, since it has been found to be more feasible and convenient for them to share their opinions over the Internet instead of face-to-face discussions or over phone.

To have access to a secure website, each respondent is provided with a user name and password. As soon as they log in, they can access different questions related to the topic of discussion. Even as the, respondent answers these questions, he/she can also view opinions and discussion points of other respondents

Further, on basis of the responses shared by the respondents, researchers also ask few more questions to gain an in-depth understanding about specific view-points and perception of participants. This is similar to face-to-face discussions.