Focus Group Discussions (FGDs)

A Focus Group Discussion FGD is a discussion among a group of respondents on a predetermined topic planned for research purposes. This discussion is directed, supervised and documented by moderators or researchers. FGDs are used for generating information on combined views, and the meanings that lie behind those view-points. They are also helpful in generating a clear understanding of participant perceptions, experiences and beliefs. There is also a possibility that a group of respondents that are identical in life stage characteristics and demographics, may have different viewpoints on the same topic.

MRFieldwork facilitates qualitative research FGDs by keeping the following pointers in mind:

  • Convenience of respondents to reach the venue where the FGD is being scheduled
  • Meeting halls, hotel conference rooms, large living rooms can be arranged as per client requirements
  • MRFieldwork also uses facilities specially designed for this purpose. To avoid any disturbances that may arise because of the presence of any observers as well as to facilitate seamless audio and video recording – we use specially designed qualitative research facility equipped with one-way mirror.
  • Live web-streaming of the discussion is also provided to international clients to enable them remotely view and listen the discussion from the office itself,