Ethnographic research supports companies comprehend the customer in terms of approach, cultural trends, routine factors and how social framework impacts product selection and usage. Usually, focus group is a method of choice, when companies need to decide how customers sense about a service or product. In case of focus group, people generally gather at one place and discuss on the topic under consideration Ethnographic research employs a range of methods and settings to present a whole picture of customers and the manner in which products and services are appropriate


On-site ethnographic research sessions occur wherever the customer is using the product or service -- in a store, office, restaurant or even car. Executing location- based research permits the researcher to interview and notice as the activities are carried out and offers an opportunity for follow-up questions as required.


In-home ethnographic research study is similar to on-site sessions, but is limited to the home setting. There is an involvement of one or multiple family members, and generally last for several hours. The researcher closely observes and examines home environment, asks questions and listens to get insights into customer tendencies, responses, and difficulties. Customers go about explaining those products or service-based problems. In-home sessions offer businesses with understanding into how products can be improved further, further requirements from customers and the manner through which usage of product or service could be changed by implementing some changes.