It’s a type of qualitative interviewing approach that consists of a moderator and two (Dyads) or three (Triads) respondents. This method offers same benefits of in-depth interview (IDI), with an added discussion among respondents, owing to exchange of their thoughts on the same topic. In most cases, two people involved in the discussion have some relationship that could be related with work, family, interest etc. Otherwise, adequate care has to be taken while recruiting respondents for dyads – wherein respondents should exhibit similar interests and behaviors. A triad, which is a group of three people – comprises respondents having same or different beliefs, and feelings about the topic of discussion. In case of some conflicts, there could be agreement among two out of the three respondents, whereas the third respondent could have a totally different view-point. This further allows exploring the topic in much more depth and detail. At the same time, because of a few participants – two in case of Dyad and three in case of Triad it also allows each participant to share their perception in much more depth, as compared to mini-group or focus group discussion