Central Locations Tests (CLTs)

Central location test is used with reference to consumer tests conducted in facilities in locations where a large number of respondents can be accommodated For this purpose, respondents are asked to take part in predefined tests and tasks

MRFieldwork offers all the data collection approaches in CLT depending on client requirements, via PAPI or through hand held devices like Tablet computers or Laptop. Trained interviewers conduct interviews at customized venues based on the requirement of the study. Some of the tests require storage of product in a specific condition, whereas some sensory tests requires setup and lighting, or any such requirements that are taken care of by MRFieldwork offers all and such types of

studies under the CLT services arm:
  • Car clinics
  • Monadic tests
  • Paired comparison
  • Sequential monadic test
  • Proto-monadic test
  • Repeat paired comparison